Street by Street

By: Crys @crystucker
Street by Street Editorial | Stylist Trice Eddings, Maggie Dandridge | Designer Maggie Dandridge| Stylist Assistant Caitlin Tucker | Hair Rachael Farmer | Makeup Misty Lee | Photography Assistants Cara Tucker, Crystal Ray | Model Heather

Jacket: Top Notch Couture Boutique

My first fashion editorial with multiple designers, boutiques, and other industry pro's was such an awesome experience and man oh man was it hard work. I had never planned a shoot like this, but there I was creating mood boards, choosing team members, coordinating meetings, and more. It was interesting trying to implement the things I'd recently researched without a hiccup. Of course that wasn't the case, there were meeting setbacks, missing clothing AND accessories, last minute clothing changes, basically just about anything that could go wrong did lol. It bothered me but I tried not to get flustered because really how would that help? I had learned that from previous shoots, keeping a calm head on set while working through the problems as they present themselves can yield some really dope results.

Jacket: M. Dandridge Couture Skirt: Top Notch Couture Boutique

Romper: M. Dandridge Couture 

Jacket: Top Notch Couture Boutique