Royale debutes with a Bang!!!

Posted by: Crys Tucker @crystucker  

Burlesque, beautiful women, and fashion, I mean what more could you ask for?
 November 16th- Adrienne Jones, an accomplished hair artist, and Former Grizz Girl Kristin Watson debuted their production company Royale with a self entitled promotional event. 

 Held on the third level of historical Beale Street's Club 152  Royale's inaugural production brought together some notable artist intro-ing a landmark event in the Memphis area. 
Showgirls added an air of authenticity to the Vegas themed reveal, dawning handmade jeweled costumes and passing out beaded necklaces while pro Barbers, hairstylists, designers, makeup artist, and models conspired just a floor below . 

The crowd was dazzled with burlesque inspired performances, in between watching models rip the runway, rocking apparel from Wish Boutique and other local emerging designers and fresh chops by talented barbers like Terrell Styles.

With it's mane focus being conjoining the beauty and dance industry, Royale is off an running, bringing out several industry professionals to partake in the evenings events. They even managed to reach beyond the realms of beauty and dance, grabbing the attention of  Miami Mike who manages Soulja Boy and pro celebrity bass player D. Parks.

The introductory promo event was a milestone in bridging the gap between the beauty and dance trades  and as the Official Photographer of Royal Productions,  CTP is excited to embark on this journey, capturing the impact of a dream on two fields who thrive on innovation .

(R&B Artist Jozzy)

(Celebrity Bass Player D. Parks)

(CEO Miami Mike & DJ D-Nyce)

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