We're coming to you Brunswick,GA!

By Crys @crystallografy_ 
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Sooooo my Photography Assistant was telling me about the trip she planned to take to her hometown of Brunswick, Georgia. She showed me pictures of the beautiful Driftwood Beach and spoke of peaceful sunsets over the water and bonfire dance parties. The way she spoke of her home town made me want to experience that "country love" myself and why not take some photos while we're their. (of course..lol) Brunswick Models, Designers, Fashionistas, Models at Heart, Everybody, let's create something dope! 
We'll be booking both fashion and beauty shoots August 22-25th. Grabbing some of  the pieces from our shoot closet too :)

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I'd love to work with some local artist! (yes it's paid!) 
If you're interested click here>>> WORK WITH CRYS
Please check your schedule carefully before applying. We are on a strict schedule.

Can't wait for our trip it's going to be so much fun! See ya'll soon!
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